Product Forms

At ForestLAB, we provide contract production services for a wide range of dietary supplement forms, catering to diverse preferences and requirements. Our specialization lies in solid forms, including hard capsules, soft gel capsules, and sachets.
In addition to these traditional forms, we embrace cutting-edge technologies to offer innovative options. This includes utilizing micro-pellet capsules with liquid content through Licaps®, extended-release capabilities with DRCaps™, as well as Duocap® which combines solid and liquid fillings.
We also have the capability to produce simple liquid and semi-liquid forms to accommodate specific product needs.
During the design and development process, we carefully consider all of these options, tailoring the final product to maximize its sales potential and meet your unique requirements.
By leveraging our expertise and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in supplement formulation, we ensure that ForestLAB can deliver a diverse range of high-quality dietary supplement forms to suit a variety of market demands.